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COVID-19 Canada Visitor Visa Updates:

At this time, only some people are fit to come from abroad,

Even if they’ve already had a valid visitor visa or an eTA.

However, find out if you are fit to travel to Canada via this link https://travel.gc.ca/

Hence, if your visitor visa is still valid, you can apply online for a visitor stay increase.

You can do this while including your document on why you need to stay in Canada.

If you are a visitor needing a work permit,

The IRCC is temporarily allowing those inside Canada to apply.

If your visitor visa has already expired, you may be able to restore your status.

Flag IconCanada Visitor Visa

Canada is home to millions of visitors each year.

In fact, more than 35 million people visit Canada every year to enjoy the many good fortunes the country has to offer.

This includes visiting family and friends.

Hence, if you wish to come to Canada for a short term purpose,

You may need a TRV unless you are a citizen from a “visa exempt” country.

Do I Need a Tourist Visa to Visit Canada?

However, before starting the Canada visitor visa application process, note that,

It’s important to understand if you need one or not before entering Canada.

Hence, you can find out if you need a Canada visitor visa before your travels via this link https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp

However, in other cases, you may be an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel, you can find out via this link


What Is A Canadian TRV (Visitor Visa)?

On the other hand, a Canada Visitor Visa is also referred to as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Canada Tourist Visa.

However, it is an official document issued by a Canadian visa office that is placed in your passport,

To show that you have met the needful for admission to Canada as a short-term resident (either as a visitor, a student, or a worker).

Types of Canada Visitor Visas

Hence here are some Canada visitor visas:

  • Visit/Tourism
  • Study
  • Work
  • Temporary Resident

How Long Can I Stay in Canada on a Tourist Visa?

On the other hand, most visitors can stay for up to 6 months in Canada.

However, at the port of entry, the immigration border services may allow you to stay for less or more than 6 months.

But, once you are given a period of stay, they’ll put the date you need to leave in your passport.

Then, the immigration officer might also give you a document called a visitor record, which will show the date you need to leave by.

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements

In the same vein, to qualify for a TRV, there are a few basic needs you must meet which include:

Have a valid travel document (like a passport)

  • Be in good health
  • Have no criminal or immigration-related convictions
  • Convince an immigration officer that you have ties.

These ties may include things such as a job, home, financial assets, or family that will take you back to your home country

  • convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit
  • have enough money for your stay

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa in Canada

There are three major steps to successfully apply for Canada Visitor Visa.

These steps include:

  • Check if you’re fit to travel to Canada
  • Gather all your aiding documents
  • Apply Online

Documents Required For Canada Tourist Visa

Hence, there are five major documents you are asked to show when applying for a TRV.

Please note that each immigration case is a little different depending on your exact case,

But in general, you should have the following documentation when applying for a ‘Temporary Resident Visa’ in Canada.

Canada Visitor Visa Checklist

  • Proof of your ties to your home country
  • Proof of funds for your visit to Canada
  • Ids such as a passport or county resident card
  • A letter of invitation from the person inviting you to come to Canada
  • Proof that you will be staying in Canada only on an unfixed basis

There may be other documents and info that you may need.

However, individuals must obtain a TRV before departure from their home country.

In other words, individuals cannot obtain a TRV upon arrival in Canada.

Visitor Visa Processing Time

A visitor visa processing time can depend on which country the applicant is applying from.

Hence, the time can vary from a couple of days to a few weeks for a Canada Visitor Visa processing time.

If you apply from within Canada, the processing time is only 12 days.

Visit our page on Canada Visa Processing Times for 2022 to learn more via this link https://www.visaplace.com

Common Questions and Cases

Here are very often Asked Questions about Canada Tourist Visas

  • What if you leave Canada and then return before your visitor visa expires?
  • Can I extend my visitor status?
  • Who does not need a visitor visa for Canada?

How to Extend a Canadian Visitor Visa

If you’re present in Canada and want to stay longer than your visa’s expiration date, you could file for an increase.

In order to apply for an increase, you will need to fill out an IMM 5708 Form.

On the other hand, if your application to extend your stay in Canada is approved.

Then you will receive a visitor record.

A visitor record:

  • It is a document that says how long you can stay in Canada.
  • This includes an expiry date.
  • That’s the date that you must leave Canada.

A visitor record does not vouch for your entry to Canada.

If you plan to travel outside Canada or the United States,

You need a valid entry document to return to Canada.

What are the Requirements to Extend a Canada Visitor Visa?

You need to be right now in Canada

On the other hand, you need to hold a current passport that will stay valid for the duration of your stay

In the same vein, you will need to pay the allied fee for Form IMM 5708

Also, you will need to ensure that any other permits that you hold (Study or work) will stay valid and not get in the way of your visitor permit.

Canada Visitor Visa Restoration

Once your current visitor visa expires, you are no longer to extend your visitor visa.

Guess what? If you want to stay in Canada then you will have to apply to restore your status or you will have to leave Canada.

You have to apply for a Restoration of Status within 90 days of your visitor visa expiration date.

Restoration of Status Requirements

Pay Restoration Fees

Provide details on:

  • Why do you want to stay in Canada longer
  • Proof of current status in Canada
  • Financial proof that you will be able to aid yourself in Canada
  • A plan of when you will leave Canada with departure time and dates.
  • Demonstrate that your residence in Canada is unfixed.

Why Seeking Professional Immigration Help is Important

While the procedures for applying for a Canadian Visitor Visa may seem easy,

Some applicants apply without seeking any help from an immigration lawyer,

Thinking that they can ‘do it themselves.

For TRV applications, there is actually a higher risk of refusal in cases where the application is not properly prepared.

The standards are very high.

We find that the number one reason why applications are denied is due to forms not being correctly filled out.

It is a shame when someone cannot fulfill their dreams because of one missed ‘dotted i’ or ‘crossed t’.

You can also increase your chances of getting approval on your TRV applications with the help of some immigration experts.

Why Hire them to Help You With Your TRV Applications

Many clients are happy to free themselves of the headaches of preparing paperwork and also having to deal with government red tape.

What they do is that they deploy this work to our team of immigration experts.

On the other hand, it is highly pleasing to see our clients enter Canada with a Canadian Visitor Visa to see their family and friends.

And also, to travel through Canada’s prime view without all the stress of filing tons of difficult paperwork.

With their help, thousands of people successfully visit Canada.

Even though no one can promise any sure thing

It is certain they can help you increase your chances with their wide experience.

Hence, you have to just fill out the immigration assessment form.

After that, you will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss your ability and options.

You can also call +16477923035 for an assessment.

And also, to see if you are fit to move to Canada.

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