BrandsMart Credit Card Login / Apply for BrandsMart credit card

BrandsMart Credit Card: The BrandsMart is a low financing option issued by Synchrony Bank. More so, as a card for customers with low pay, it requires a low credit rating. The BrandsMart Credit Card is serviced by GE Capital Retail Bank, USA, and can be used in BrandsMart stores.BrandsMart Credit Card BrandsMart Credit Card

What is BrandsMart Credit Card?

BrandsMart is used to build up low credit scores. It is an ideal credit card for low earners. More so, with the BrandsMart credit login, you can manage your BrandsMart account. Hence, make bill payments and get special discounts on all purchases on BrandsMart USA stores.

Furthermore, users are liable to get a percent discount on all in-store purchases. Therefore, users can save on interest and annual fees while getting the best value in the appliance they desire.


BrandsMart may charge some interest from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not fully paid within 2 years. Also, you may need to pay a monthly fee for your card maintenance.

Thence, BrandsMart requires the following:

  • This card has no introducing APR.
  • BrandsMart is issued by Synchrony Bank.
  • Has a purchase APR of 29.99%
  • No cash Advance APR,
  • BrandsMart has no cash advance fee,
  • No annual fee charged,
  • Has a high rate of approval and is ideal for low card earners.
  • Furthermore, it has no interest financing,
  • It has special offers for preferred customers,
  • Get 1% on purchases made at BrandsMart stores.

Can you apply for a BrandsMart Credit Card Online?

You can apply for a Brand store card online or In-stores. More so, you can visit a BrandsMart store or any BrandsMart for assistance in the App. In the same vein, BrandsMart has unique offers for exclusive in-store purchases only.

So, if you shop online and don’t have a BrandsMart store close to you, then consider getting a regular credit card instead of a store credit card. Therefore, you can visit the BrandsMart website to explore BrandsMart stores near you. However, applicants must meet the following requirements:


  • Applicants must be a resident of the US,
  • Must have attained 18 years of age,
  • Lastly, must have a valid US Social Security Number (SSN).

BrandsMart Credit Card Application Online

  • First, accessing the BrandsMart homepage requires you to go through its official link.
  • Click “Apply Today” at the center of the screen.
  • Next, BrandsMart will reveal its company terms on the screen. Accepting them helps to further your online processes.
  • Click any start-up amount of your choice to begin,
  • Again, BrandsMart will require you to supply your personal details in the spaces given,
  • Thence, review the debt cancellation program agreement or print it out.
  • Lastly, press “Continue” to finish up processes.

Activating your Card

  • If you are a BrandsMart user, you can reactivate your account with the help of a BrandsMart agent.
  • More so, register your new card online by toggling the “Register” link under the login section.
  • After logging to the above link, give all required info in the spaces provided. Click “Next” to continue.

Check Your Application Status

You can check you BrandsMart App. status by calling the BrandsMart customer agent.

Cancel Your Credit Card

If you wish to cancel your credit card, contact BrandsMart customer service at 1954 797 4006.

BrandsMart Credit Card Login

  • To login to your BrandsMart account, log in to com. On the main page of the site, find the “Consumer Centre Login” at the top page. Give your username and password in the given spaces.
  • Lastly, click the “GO” button. If your BrandsMart login details are correct, you can have access to your account dashboard.

Lost Username/Recover your Username

  • To reset your username, use the “Login Help” menu. Furthermore, click on “Forgot Username” on the menu.
  • On the next page, you are to enter some details such as:
  • Username,
  • Account Number,
  • Social Security Number and
  • Date of Birth.

Recover your Password

To recover your password, go to the “Help Menu”.  In there, click the “Recover my Password” option.

The next page reveals an info field. Thence, insert the following:

  • Username,
  • Social Security Number (SSN),
  • Date of Birth.

Make Payment (Pay BrandsMart Credit Card).

To make your BrandsMart credit card payment, log in to your credit card account with the aforementioned procedures.

On the account dashboard, click the “Make Payment” option located at the downside of your screen.

Furthermore, contact 1 954 797 4006 for a personal credit card.