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The Google Mail world has made some indomitable impact in the world of the internet. Compared to known webmails, none has a fast linking capacity as Gmail has recorded in the space of time. The 15GB space web has exceeded a billion mobile downloads in the year 2014.

Moreover, with incomparable speed, Gmail has gained the widest web platform among competitors. The network-wide range, Google providers have made easy access to everyone without having to be invited.GMail login

Similarly, the April 15 2004 web provider has aligned its services with wide organizers like Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. This is to gain the largest coverage and competing speed. Nevertheless, it exceeded 425 million users in 2012. It would interest you to sign up and learn some excellent settings to optimize your google mail.

Gmail SignUp for Dummies

Google Mail will require you to enjoy the Google Mail Top-notch services. Therefore it requires you to create a free email with the webmail services. Follow our guidelines below to help you create an account.

  • Go to the Gmail homepage –,
  • Click “Create an Account” to get started,
  • Enter your first and last name, and then enter all required details.
  • Google will definitely ask you to reconfirm your account. This is by entering a given code sent by google.
  • (email, enter your username and password.

Gmail Sign In or Gmail login for Absolute Beginners

You can now successfully log in to your Gmail account with your PC or web browser.

  1. First, visit or,
  2. Enter your email and mobile contact in the text field.
  3. Click on “Find your Email” to help you recover them if you forgot your emails.
  4. The next page requires you to enter your Password. Click on “Forgot your Password” if you have.
  5. You can use your Google Mail features in your inbox.

Gmail login How to Use and Login Gmail on Mobile.

We all know the easiness of your phone to your computers. Therefore, the above procedures can work better with your computers.

However, we wish to introduce you to your mobile phone login.

  1. Install the Gmail App on your phone to log in.
  2. Download the Gmail App in Playstore and iTunes. Use the Android application

Tips: For your Google Mail account Security, don’t use common numbers; mobile contact, DOB, names as this makes users’ accounts vulnerable to intruders. Apple users: https;//

  1. Google Mail will give you an instruction on how to download your Gmail App and how to log in.
  2. The Gmail application Icon will appear on your screen with an option.
  3. Have you completed your Gmail application? Have you finished up the installation process? With your Android or Apple phone, just open and log in.
  4. Log in with a user registered email and password.
  5. You are now eligible with Google Mail. Send and receive emails by phone and internet.GMail login

Gmail Mobile Benefits

Your Google Mail can help users enjoy Gmail settings:

  1. To send and receive text messages.
  2. Manage multiple accounts in the same APP.
  • Synchronize your email as soon as you receive it.
  1. Bookmark notification settings.
  2. View mail attachments and send them. Moreover, these are just but a few.

Login Gmail via Pop Server

Gmail webmail – Do you have an account with Outlook, Thunderbird, and other email programs? You can manage them with your email.

  1. You can also have an “Account” for receiving email through Pop Server. Only select the “Setting” option below the screen.
  2. On the panel setting page, choose “Account and import option”. It also leads you to other options, select “Import message and contacts”
  • Click “Continue” to keep going with the many account Email settings.

At this stage, we’ll configure the POP server and Access Data.

  1. Password for email: Users must enter a required password for their emails. This enables security to your account.
  2. POP Username: Also enter a username to ensure account security.
  3. POP Server: Your domain email server is usually mailed. Ensure to provide them.
  4. Click on “Continue” to get email import options.
  5. You can add a label to all your imported emails by clicking on “Email protected”.

Recover Gmail Password

  1. Have you forgotten your Gmail Password? Visit the website and select “Find my Account”.
  2. On the next page, select the “I don’t know my Password” option. The system may request you enter your email address.
  • Enter the old password to aid the server text you the new one. Or you can’t remember? Then tap the “I don’t know” text field. Indicate your phone number in the given space, thus you will get an SMS. This may entail guidelines and codes on creating new passwords.
  1. Enter the new sent codes twice and click the ‘Reset password” option to finish the process. You can now access your Gmail account. We advise you to code down all account details to avoid issues of creating new passwords.

Gmail Benefits and Features

If you have lost your access credentials, there are many effective ways to go about it. Apart from accessing the Google “Resetting” codes, you can get an easy way out. Apart from the ‘Two-Steps-Authorization’ method, this means is for those who lost their smartphones, which makes logging in a bit hard. Let’s scroll procedures together:

  • Visit Google page: This leads you to the two-step setting section. Locate the ‘Alternate codes’ and click on “Configure”.
  • Google Mail displays various codes for user’s login. Each of these codes can be valid only once. Ensure to encrypt them and use them when need be.
  • If you have changed your phone number, then reconfigure authentification in two steps.
  • Whenever you log in to your Gmail account, enter all security accesses and one of the Google codes sent you.

Gmail Security

  • All users are advised to guard their Gmail accounts with all applicable precautions. But below are tips for your Gmail account Security enhanced.
  • Be careful not to have your Gmail password saved on a public computer.
  • Don’t just log out of public systems, but click o the icon ‘Disconnect my Account’. This helps your email to be protected.
  • Unchecked downloads may filter in viruses. This may cause open access to intruders and losing mail privacy.

Gmail Benefits and Features

  • Priorities: Gmail helps you separate those contacts you want to respond quickly to. This makes emails from such context stand out among others from Google.
  • Google Docs Google Mail helps in work dynamics. It provides all working aids as spreadsheets, folders, documents that enhance work.
  • Organization: Gmail has the filing capacity to ensure a neat working space for users.
  • Smart Search: Users will need the Gmail Smart Search system to locate hidden files. This allows users to enter any keyword in that file, then a quick each is made with relevant results.
  • Protection: Use Google the HTTPS:// encryption to secure Google account. The Google encryption is reliable enough.
  • Gmail Antispam: The Gmail Antispam is very effective in sieving unwanted mails and adverts which can implore viruses into your system and harm them. This is to mention but a few importance.


Google Mail has a special Algorithm that protects users from spyware, malware, spam, and viruses. Gmail is an easy-to-follow one with convenient features. Enjoy the GMail platform and be informed that Gmail is set to bring self-services to your convenience.