Here’s your TD Bank Routing Number

TD Bank is the people’s bank and so will require you to get familiar with your TD Routing Number.  Your Routing number is a very vital tool for your direct deposit, auto-payment, and fund wires to loved ones. You will need the chart below to identify your TD Routing Number in various locations.TD Bank Routing Number

TD Bank Routing Numbers by State

Your TD Bank State LocationTD Banking Routing Number
Massachusetts/Rhode Island211370545
Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia054001725
New Hampshire011400071
New Jersey031201360
New York – Metro NYC or former Commerce customers026013673
New York – Upstate NY or former Bank north customers021302567
North Carolina/South Carolina053902197

What is a Routing Number?

A Routine number is made up of 9 digits. This places an identity on the bank in which your account is held. In 1910, the American Bankers Association created the Routing system. This is to mark out financial firms which arraign users’ funds to the right institutes. Furthermore, RNs are normally issued to Federal Reserve Banks. What more? The Federal Government Units and State Government Units also receive an issuance. Again, your TD Routing Numbers are printed on your TD checks. More so, with a readable machine format.

TD Wire Transfer Numbers

Every state has its TD bank routing number which varies from another. Locations and regions alike also have some variances. However, TD Bank divides its users. This is mostly based on the crown branch locations.

In addition, TD doesn’t just have a Check RN, but also a routing number for wire transfers. Similarly, the International wires require a SWIFT code. This is used as an International Identifier for banks. SWIFT also known as the Bank Identifier Code, has 8-11 digits/letters. The below reveals the TD Bank wire transfer numbers.

Domestic wire transfer31101266
International wire transfer31101266

Routing Number Basics

The first 4 digits of the Routing number stand for the Federal Reserve Regions. More so, the first 2 indicates the actual location of the FRR. The next 4 digits are the ABA/RN number. Similarly, the last serial is used to verify the routing number.

Furthermore, all banks have a 5 guaranteed routing number but can apply for more. I the same vein, while some banks have just 1 RN, others have as much. However, the choice is based on the nature and spread of a bank. Most nationwide banks have many routine numbers with area-specific digits.

How to find your TD Bank Routing Number

Finding your TD Routing Number may not be a great deal. However, the 1st basis is to recall your account state. That is, the state you opened your account. If you know it already, you can use the above chart to find yours. Howbeit, do you have a Checking Account? Then you can get your TD RN on the lower corner of your Check Card. Again, your check Routine Numbers are made of 9 digits printed on your TD check card.

In the same vein, one may not have a handy check. Then what is required of you? At such a moment you only need to contact a TD agent. Speak with an agent today on 888 751 9000 and make an inquiry. More so, users are advised at all times to contact only a TD agent.

This is mostly when they are not certain on the right contact to dial at any instance. However, calling an abstract agent may mark a deficit to your TD balances.