Home Depot Credit Card Login Review Homedepot.com/mycard

A new offer for new Accounts only. Citi Bank issues a credit card with a low APR rate for 6 months and a year. This varies from the 17.9- 26.99 normal rate with no advance payment. Moreover, with the Citi Bank new points, you get a 25% discount for every $25 to $299 purchase if you have a $100 savings. Similarly, a $50 off with $300 – 999 purchase. Discover more big points on Home Depot Credit Cards as you read on.Home Depot Credit Card Login

Homedepot.com/mycard – Home Depot Credit Card Login

  • Signup with Home Depot online to qualify for an account.
  • Visit homepage (homedepot.com), Sign in to begin.
  • The “sign-in” opens up a page for you, where you’re required to supply relevant details in the given spaces. These details may include all security protocols as Username and password.

Forgot Username / Password?

  • Click “Reset Password” on the “Sign in” base on the official page.
  • You will be launched to a new page. Provide your email where needed and other “Reset” guidelines.
  • Expect a text email from Citi Bank which entails your new password. Ensure to review.


  • Home Depot Credit Cards assures you a year’s return if there be any controversial issue.
  • Users are endorsed with charges that are as minimal as possible.
  • Home Depot gives users a stretched duration of 3 years and 6 months to clear off pending payments.
  • Home Depot will not require from its users any fee for their transactions and online markets.
  • More so, no interest charge from users with a full 6 months deposit may be demanded.

Application Criteria

Home Depot may not require much from users, this is in order not to create Home Depot access discomforts. Therefore to be eligible for a credit card with Home Depot,

You must be 18 and above. Again, users are to obtain a valid ID photo and SSN credentials.

How to Apply for Home Depot Credit Card

To apply for a Home Depot Credit Card, Sign up to the web page. Click “Apply now” to send the request. The user is launched to an information page, where you give personal details like Name> Email Address>> Residence>> DOB. Read through the terms enlisted in the page and click to agree. Submit the form after you verify the given details again.

How to check Status

Home Depot gives users a chance to alter their application status if not satisfying. Therefore you can contact (1-866-875-5488) for help. Recall, all customers’ troubleshooting agents will require your detail and your Credit Card serial. This will aid a direct solution. You are also advised to alter the Home Depot password at intervals, (2-3 months).

Account Security

How can I protect my Account while Travelling?

Home Depot users on transit are to ensure a safe keep of their cards. Be careful to protect card serials from being exposed, and ensure you don’t forget cards with vendors after each purchase.

How do I delete my Personal Information from my Smartphone or Computer?

Authorized Users; (1-800-677-0232). Follow the set of guidelines on your screen after you must have visited the help link on the official page.

How can I add an Authorized User to my Account?

Citi Bank can afford an “Authorized User” for users online. However, this operation is accessible to eligible users only. Sign in to your Citi Bank account and click “Authorized Users”.

How do I remove an Authorized User from my Account?

Like the activation, Logon to Citi Bank account. Select “Manage Authorized Users” in the profile menu.

What can’t an Authorized user do?

An Authorized User cannot send the “Close Account” operation. It may not also add another ‘Authorized User’; Request you a lower APR or change a bill date.

What can an Authorized User do?

Use an Authorized User to obtain account details. Initiate your account disputes or make a card report. More so, statement copies and granted online access can be processed with an Authorized User. Mind you, the Authorized User is not left out of account inquiries and bill payments.


Where do I get a dispute form?

Dispute charges on your Citi Bank payment menu. Locate transacts activity and select the “Dispute on this charge” then you can dispute the charges on your account.

Information Update

Updating contacts and account profile information

Edit your contact in the Citi Bank profile menu, when you select “Edit Contact info”.

How do I change my name?

If your name is to be changed for any reason, then log on to your Citi Bank account and select” Edit Contact Info” in the profile menu. You can add a prefix, suffix, title, and initials to your new name address. However, the Jr. & Sr. prefixes may not demand such processes. Nevertheless, if you must contact for help, ensure to include: Reason for change, signature, and account serials. Citi Bank in unity with Home Depot will want proper documentation that trails the order:

A payroll receipt, a passport photo, Driver’s license, SSN, and file number from any worthy document.

How do I request a Credit limit increase?

This may demand an account review. However, contact a Home Depot service agent for help.

How do I request a copy of my card agreement?

Sign on to the “Contact Us” tab in your account. Select “Send message” in your email link to launch you to further instructions.

Lost or stolen Cards

Can I make an online payment the same day I changed my bank information or enroll?

You can report a theft or missing credit cards in your Citi Bank account. Go to the “Help” menu and see how you can recover the card. Furthermore, you may need to answer some security questions if you made changes in your account before making payments.

Managing Credits

Where can I view my Annual percentage Rates (APR) online?

With Citi Bank login, go to “Account Statement” and select the statement date to be viewed.


How is my payment applied to my Account?

The Citi billing cycle rate help users to pay off deferred balances. Within your next due renewal, Citi will only request your minimum l bill be a payment. It somehow helps you clear off some promotional interest balance rates. With this, you stand no chance of incurring debts as interest payments have been made in advance. This is greatly achieved with the Citi bank Due apply the technique.

Can I request to have my payment applied in a different manner?

Reallocate your payment due, if you have an active Deferred Promotional Balance account. Read more on our related searches.

How do I avoid interest charges on my deferred interest promotion?

If you wish to avoid further charges on your Deferred Promotional Balance, then ensure to comply with all pending payments before the next expiry and renewal.

What is my Credit card Account Payment Address?

Log on to your Citi account to find payment locations.

What are late payment warnings?

The Home Depot Card Act, 2009, revised Truth Lending Act has a periodic statement to Citi Late Payment warning. Similarly, the warning is to send notifications to users on the next renewal, expiry, and shortcoming defects.

Am I able to request a hold on my payment?

Citi may not hold payment as applied to a future date. Also, allow a 7 workday to get the payment processed to your account.

How can I pay my bills immediately?

Enroll in monthly auto-pay to enable quick payment. Paying for an external source demands you provide your ABA routing. With this, your bank sends an auto-debit instantly. Please know that delays during the first payment may be due to invalid details from users. Therefore you are asked to wait for some days to rectify defects.

How the Minimum payment due is calculated?

Scan through card agreement terms to know the billing system in your Citi account. Also, contact a Citi agent to help out.

How long does it take for a mailed payment to arrive?

Payment may take just a week to get mailed. And if payment is returned, the bank will resend it. Further occurrences may demand we look into the due prospects.

What will happen if I mail my payment to the wrong address?

In such a case, the user should expect some delays. This will demand the user’s and Citi’s attention in sending payment to the true address.

When will my Consumer Credit Card payment be credited?

Know that the Citi Credit Card does not require a business card. If payments are made by mail, then it will take 5-7 days to get processed. It may take more if required details are not enclosed in check. Your check order should carry your name, last 4 digits of SSN, and no foreign currency. Mail time should be on or before 5 pm local time. This will enable a quick process for payment checks.

Why haven’t you posted or received my Payment?

This demands you contact your Citi bank to verify payment. Request for your check copy if the check has been cleared. Put a distress call across with the number at the check slip, this enables a clear explanation for future payments.

 Am I able to cancel an online payment?

If the payer’s online bill is hanged up, the user may cancel it further online. Also, know that online bills will be processed by midnight before your written payment date. Therefore, Citi requests your patience.

How do I know my bank accepts electronic debits for online payments?

Most financial firms use the ABA routing and account numbers for electronic payment. Therefore, you are hereby advised to verify from your bank before placing a paid order.

How do I make extra online credit payments?

You can make a payment plan within and beyond your payment cycle. Enroll in 4 future accounts; 5 checking accounts, or 6 business accounts, and schedule every payment per day.

Can I still mail payment after setting up an online account?

Yes, you can buy every means of mail payments even without having an online account.

Am I able to change my due date?

Go over to the Tools and services in your Citi account. Select view and Update Card. you can alter your password due date thence.

Know that you can view the “Change your account due date” if you are eligible. This will take 1-2 billing cycles to automate. Again, know that your change activates solely depends on the duration in which the change was made. Moreover, Citi allows change once every 3 months.

What is my due date?

View your due payment on the current pages of your Citi account’. Know that it will be vital to contact a Citi agent when you have over 20 promotions on your Citi account.

Why can’t I view my promotional balance? This may be due to your balance expiry.

Replacement Cards

How do I report my lost card or a card that was never received?

In your profile menu, locate the box with “Help” and further click the “Lost/Stolen Cards”.

How do I request a replacement card?

Ensure to complete the Home Depot login.  Select the “A stolen card” option in the Tool & service menu. Contact help at 1-800-677-0232.


How do I request statements that are not available online even when I complete my home depot credit card login?

Request a statement in your “Request Archived Statement”. You can request many statements when you log in to your Citi Bank. Beware that statements may take a day or two to process and lasts for 7days online.

Why am I having trouble accessing my Home Depot Credit Login Online Statements?

Your statements may not appear online if your request predates the time you became a cardholder and also if you have a zero balance.  . Mind you, only your recent 12 months statement may be viewed. Statements older than that may be saved in the “Archive”. Know that system and product changes can affect statement availability.

You might need to ‘Add’ your account if you lost your card or made changes. From your account home, click “Add Another Account”.

What happens to my statement with a zero balance and no activity?

If you have no financial activity with your card, then you may not receive a statement. As you know, this is based on financial activities performed by users with cards.

How do I request a copy of my statement?

You can request your account statements by going to the Account Activity menu. You can also visit Archive to request old statements. Review account statements from a PDF format. You will receive Archive statements within 24- 48 hours after the request has been submitted.


Why is my available credit less than the difference between my credit limit and balance?

You may have some pending issues with bank vendors. This can cause a delay in completing your Home Depot Login.

Why did I receive an additional interest charge after I paid my balance in full?

Go back to review card terms and interest charge terms. To get a copy of your Card agreement, Visit the “Contact us tab” and click the “Send message” link under the Email section.