How much do Grubhub Driver make? How Do Grubhub Drivers get Paid? Login and Support

What is Grubhub?

Grubhub is a company founded in the year 2004. It was supposed to be an alternative digital menu delivery. In other words, its context was to replace the paper menu which eateries send to people’s houses with a digital click. More so, another outfit called Seamless was founded in New York City, 1999 as an online medium for dish orders. This article will centerGrubhub Driver Login and Support etc.

Grubhub Drivers

With the recent face of the state’s economy, having more than just a means of earning at least a stipend can be a smart idea. Having an extra source of income with a part-time job can as well give you a sense of financial security.

This helps you relax and attend some financial duties with your family as a man. In cases of a job loss, your extra source helps you not to be totally left out. Furthermore, having a side job makes you feel safe to budget a family vacation or a build skill resume.

Grubhub is an online delivery platform that may not be the best side gig one can have but can be good for a start. Furthermore, Grubhub and Seamless merged in 2013 as a delivery Company. In 2014, Grubhub started a full delivery mostly for restaurants that don’t have a delivery means.

With time, Grubhub’s delivery grew within the years. And in 2019/2020, Grubhub was reported to have the most active users, as well as highly estimated revenue. Now, you can order a dish delivery from an eatery with Grubhub’s instant delivery.Grubhub

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How does being a Grubhub Driver work?

Grubhub drivers are boss to themselves and nonreliant contractors. In another word, they select orders to attend to or not, set their own hour of delivery, and pay their own expenses. While some areas allow a bicycle delivery, others saddle you to have a vehicle with auto insurance.

Choose your own hours

As a Grubhub driver, you have a chance to schedule your delivery hours ahead. This gives you an edge in selecting choice orders to attend to, unlike other drivers who just jump at every order. More so, Grubhub recognizes some ranking stages from Partner to Pro and to Premier.

When you are constant on duty, your priority level of orders increases. The Pro and Premier level enable you access to a larger catering order. One may not lose the job for forgetting to deliver or calling into a scheduling block but may lose a recognition level.

Determine your Delivery Area

At your scheduled block, are expected to be in your schedule area. After a location setup, toggle your App to “Taking Offers”.

When you receive orders, you have 90 seconds to either accept or decline any order. If you decline all your orders, again, you won’t be fired but will not earn some money as well. Drivers are advised to maintain a 95% rate for the Premier level for further recognition.

How Deliveries work

Grubhub delivery requires you to drive to a restaurant, pick up orders and go. Remember to carry out every special instruction attached to the order if any.

At times, customers may require you to place an order for them; you can do that with the Grubhub card. Drivers should know that they may not get a refund if they pay with their money. After dropping orders at designated sites, you instantly get your tips on the App.


There are many ways you can receive payment. If you are a chase bank user, you get your pay free instantly. Agents who use other banks will have to pay a 50-cent fee to get their money instantly. Anyway, without the above, you can wait for Thursdays to receive your wages.

How to become a Driver for Grubhub

To be a Grubhub driver, you must have been up to 19 years of age. You are required to have a car, car insurance, driver’s license, and. a copy of your state ID. More so, you will need a phone iOS11 or Android 5.0 or even newer versions. Whereas, some areas accept the use of bicycles while others don’t. Below are some simple steps to becoming a Grubhub driver

Sign Up

To be a Grubhub driver, create an online account and submit your application. You will need to submit a copy of your state ID, car insurance, driver’s license. If your area accepts the use of bicycles, then you will need to show your state ID. Hope you don’t mind an authorized background check as you will be put on the waiting list.


If you passed the background check, which means no crime record traced to you, then you will have to set up a direct deposit to a checking account and new driver paperwork.


The Onboarding is a quick guide training on how to set your working hours and how to pick orders. It’s almost an expansive FAQ and it’s easier to go through them than some trial and error.

Get Gear

Grubhub will send you an insulating bag and a credit card for deliveries not paid for. Use of a personal insulating bag is allowed.

Pros and Cons of being a Grubhub Driver

Just as every other thing that can place food on one’s table has some risk, the Grubhub has its gain and little risk. Let’s check out.


  • You can schedule your block hour or start your drive by toggling the ‘Take Offer” App.
  • Since you set your order schedule, you can take an off and make up for the lost hour later. No penalty is attached to this.
  • You can always get tips and keep 100% of them.
  • Also, You might get bonuses, extra money for challenges, and sweepstakes.
  • You can get paid instantly via bank account or constantly on Thursdays.


  • There is no assurance of payment or orders as some shifts may be slow.
  • Your Grubhub Recognition Program means it will take time to qualify your maximum earnings.
  • The tax deduction mileage may not cover wear and tear or gas. This depends on your car type.
  • The scheduling program isn’t fully flexible. This is because drivers who miss their block will not qualify for a pro or Premier for 30 days.
  • There is always a waitlist for becoming a driver, mostly in big cities.

Pro Tips for Maximizing your Earnings

On this page, we’ll only give you 5 tips on how to earn much as a Grubhub driver. Whereas, you can get more.

Reach and Maintain Premier Level of the Recognition Program

This will get you a high scale for driver’s rewards, offers, and scheduling. Also one will need to attain a 100% attendance rate, a 95% or greater acceptance rate, and a 10% less block drop rate. These are factors to get to the premier level.

Track your Expenses

As a Grubhub driver, you are responsible for your taxes. Nevertheless, you can take deductions like mileages. Check with an accountant to know more.

Be Efficient

Get a Map App that lets you fix multiple Stops. This will enable you the most efficient routes when you have plenty of orders to deliver. You can as well take notice of where restaurants keep their Grubhub orders and park close there as this aids efficiency.

Deliver during bad weather

Many Grubhub drivers might skip the day’s job owing to bad weather. Taking it up can give you a better tip. If the weather is too unsafe, you can as well skip the jobs.

Make notes about the Restaurant

Most restaurants take long to make orders and at that make a mess of them. You can save time by mapping out such ones and taking a break or a skip.

How much do Grubhub Drivers make?

Grubhub’s drivers’ earnings are based on some factors. For instance, if you are at your work during Peak time delivery and also if you stay in areas where Grubhub is not much in use, then you may not earn much. You can increase your earnings by driving for a multiple food delivery App.

at a time. Drivers in populous areas can earn up to $12-$15 per hour. However, some shifts may be busy while some won’t. Therefore you may not maintain a constant wage in this case. Also, working on slow shifts can make you not earn much.

Is Grubhub Worth it?

There is a lot to look through to ascertain if Grubhub worth your time. You need to consider where you live, how much you can make if you can take that much stress. Do you prefer interacting with people while driving? Then you may go for Uber Driving instead.

The Grubhub’s waitlist is on; you can put up an application. Although, Grubhub can be a nice side gig, but doesn’t make it the only source of income.