How much is Amazon Worth?

I was recently asked How much is Amazon Worth? Amazon’s Market Cap: $ 1.63 Trillion and the revenue stands at $386 Billion. Now, read on teg the comprehensive figure and how they got there. Amazon is a well-known name in the US, despite its humble beginning as an online book store. The e-commerce industry has a reliable delivery to its customers. Moreover, with the Perk filled Prime, there is an edge in the increasing Market Cap and revenue. This is not left out with the positive investor sentiment among its visionary leaders. Traceable to Amazon’s competence is the CEO of the prime company, Andy Jassy, and the founder Jeff Bezos.How much is Amazon Worth?

Moreover, we’ll look at the 3 areas that have boost Amazon’s competence.

  • Economic Moat and competitive Advantages,
  • Market Cap, Revenue and Outlook,
  • Leadership and Executive Team.

Amazon’s Economic Moat and Competitive Advantages

An Economic Moat is seen as a concept of investment. According to Warren Buffett and CEO Bill Gates, a Moat is used when a company has a huge market advantage over its counterparts. In other words, Bourgeoisies like Buffett invest in companies with Moats; Whereas, Amazon has quite a handful of them.

 A look at Amazon’s many Moats: Prime, Logistics, and more.

Though, existing competitors can thaw a little ice of the big bergs but can’t really challenge it. What do I mean? Amazon’s e-commerce and logistics-Moats is no match to its entirety anytime.


Amazon’s Prime membership is the most obvious of them all. It is designed to regarding customers’ needs. More to say, that Amazon’s Prime membership is the core to Amazon’s reward. From free to fast shipping and prime entertainment to the amazon prime credit card with a 5% reward.


Amazon maintains its economic Moats in logistics. In any way, this is to accomplish its shipping speed. More so, Amazon wishes to fulfill businesses that link to its markets and large-scale operation. Is that all? What about Amazon’s leverages and its other Moats? In essence, they all proffer solutions to market inefficiencies and stock costs.


One of Amazon’s best is the “Amazon Prime Video”. A streaming online service that draws a duel with Netflix. Not just that, it bundles a Prime membership and cloud computing service (The Amazon web service) which vies with the Azure Microsoft word.

Revenue: $386 Billion

Amazon, one of the rare trillion-dollar earning outfits in the globe has poised a great strength. It has twined to the high rankings of Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet- the parent unit of Google to yield its fame. Moreover, in 2020, it was reported that Amazon earns more than$386 billion, over 38% in 2019 with a yearly increment of 10 billion annually.

The positive Business Effects of Covid-19

Amazon stocks climb up as it emerged as a reliable top player in the pandemic.  The company’s net sales hit 44% in the year’s first quarters. And with time, it stepped up the plate by hitting the $108.5 billion which overturns the Analyst project. Furthermore, during the world lockdown, Amazon censuses a slight delay of 2 months to non-prime users. This, however, was ramped up to fulfill users’ orders in no time. With this, Prime Time users’ felt no much difference.

How much is Amazon Worth? Amazon’s Market Cap: $ 1.63 Trillion

Amazon seats its stocks at $3,200 per share. This brings the market cap up to $1.63 trillion and serves as a basic point to Amazon’s revenue. Even at Amazon’s great progress, stocks with very high value in the market should be watched out for and bought with care.

Amazon’s future in the stock market is still promising even with its high P/E ratio. Amazon’s revenue is on a high rise yearly with a leading percentage. I believe it is out for a competitive advantage to the stock market.

Top 10 Shareholders

  • The Vanguard Group, Inc.
  • Blackrock Inc.
  • State Street Corporation.
  • T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
  • Fidelity Management & Research LLC.
  • Geode Capital Management, LLC
  • Morgan Stanley.
  • Northern Trust Corp.
  • Norges Bank Investment Management.
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.

How much is Amazon Worth? Amazon’s Net Worth: $314.9 billion

Amazon’s 2020 revenue of nearly $400 billion and a 44 % sale growth quarterly is at its peak. Moreover, this is in addition to its market cap of $1.63 trillion, considering a P/E ratio of 61.45 with a cash reserve of $42 billion. However, this has proven that Amazon’s net worth is not as high as its net cap. Therefore a total conservative estimate of Amazon’s net worth is $314.9 billion.

Amazon assumes the high trend of stock sales with high estimates. This births the investor’s sentiment for the upcoming years. With these, we can agree that t Amazon is set for an upward earning of a trillion dollars in the upcoming years.

Chrismerry calculates Amazon’s net worth with the company’s data as backup evidence. With statistics, there can be more precision compared to other ratings of Amazon’s Net worth. Also accounting for its annual profit revenue, GDP for the last 3-4 years. There is no left out in Amazon’s assets or debts incurred. With these, Chrismerry is set for proper entries with the Amazons in years to come.

How the leadership Team will continue Amazon’s Growth

Though Jeff Bozos is stepping down as Amazon’s founder, a competent face is stepping into his shoes. Bozos have indeed elevated the face of Amazon’s worth for 25 years with AWS. Though it was an in-house body created to solve internal problems until a market opportunity was introduced. The leaders’ high sense to utilize a business chance has given Amazon a leading edge for many years now.

The new CEO, Andy Jassy is not much different from Bezos. With this hope, Amazon is sure to keep overtaking all counterparts like Alphabet and Azure Microsoft.

These two being in the helms of affairs in Amazon’s investment is sure to award a better future for the company. That answers the question How much is Amazon Worth?