How to Access GoDaddy Email

Access a GoDaddy Email using a webmail server, a desktop/mobile browser, or a GoDaddy Mobile App. It helps you to access your email services and accounts with your domain name; hosted by GoDaddy. The GoDaddy Mobile App enables a sure connection between your mobile and your GoDaddy email account.GoDaddy Email

It is also suitable for Androids and iOS as well as smartphones. Manage your GoDaddy emails when you install, your outlook, Thunderbird, and Gmail, and log in through your GoDaddy dashboard.

Accessing GoDaddy webmail on Desktop

To use a Desktop device for your GoDaddy email account, ensure a responding web browser. Enter the desktop version on the space link (address bar). Send to open a web-based email.

Type the email address in the username space, enter the password where required, and log in. These steps lead to an opening in your email account.

Accessing GoDaddy Webmail on Mobile

You can access GoDaddy with your mobile device. Enter Mobile Mail URL on the browser. GoDaddy workspace mail is open up for your exploration. Log in with the required credentials.

Using Mobile Apps

There is a secure App for all GoDaddy users available for iOS and Androids. Install from Google Play or iTunes.

Have you launched the mail App on your device? Go to “Email Management” to open GoDaddy’s dashboard. Enter the email address on the account to be checked and passwords. Send to open account file for the user.

Configuring Your Email Client

Setting up your email client for POP access? Configure email application with “” with port number’110’. For IMAPs; “ with port number’143’. For outgoing server setting, “” with port number ‘80’.

Accessing the GoDaddy Dashboard

You can access your GoDaddy Webmail when you visit GoDaddy’s dashboard. Click on “Email Management”, then the “Webmail” option. Enter your email address and relevant details to open up your GoDaddy account.