How to Open HEIC Files on Windows or (Convert them to JPEG)

The HEIF Image Format in Apples, iPhones, and iPads can be converted to Window, to JPGs standard in a way. Though, most photos taken by the above models contain the HEIC file extension, but cannot be viewed through windows.HEIC Files

Window 10 April 2021 Update

If you use the version of Windows10, double click on the HEIC file to open the photo App. This makes it easy to support the HEIC files. In the photo App, link the “Download Codecs at Microsoft Store”; the Photo App will open an image extension of HEIC. Enter the “Get” buttons to install free Codecs on PC.

Again, Windows will show a Thumbnail of the image in file explorer when you open the HEIC files. Only double-click the HEIC files to open the photo Apps like every other image.

However, rather than messing with HEIC conversion tools, its best users install App.

CopyTrans HEIC for Windows: You can insert HEIC Files directly into MOA using the tool above. The Copy Trans tool helps in supporting HEIC images to windows in Windows 10 or 7 to open the Standard Window Photo Viewer.

In addition, the Copy Trans HEIC for Windows may not be a third-party software to view HEIC files; it’s rather a way of supporting them to windows.

Furthermore, a Thumbnail is supposed to appear after software installations. If not, you are hereby advised to reboot your system.

With the Copy Trans tool, right-click to the HEIC file and select JPEG to convert the HEIC file to a JPEG file. This automatically gives you a JPEG version image.

Similarly, the JPEG files have wider support that you can share your HEIC images or import them to applications that support the JPEG images but not HEIC files.HEIC Files

How to Convert HEIC files to JPEG

In the absence of installing software, you can use the conversion tool. Upload a HEIC file to download a JPEG.

Warning: Please, you are strongly advised not to upload personal photos to the tool conversion. It’s best to leave photos with sensitive contents on your PCs. Don’t upload an unseeing photo to an online servicing. This advice is general for all file types. For instance, we ask you don’t upload your PDFs with sensitive financial details in them to the PDF conversion tools.

Do you want a quick conversion? Visit the i.e to upload over 60 photos at a time.

More so, drag the HEIC files from PC to web page if you wish. With this, the site converts the HEICS to JPEGS for you.