How to search for Someone on Facebook by Phone Number/ Check Now

Facebook as the most popular platform also got its codes, secrets, and vibes. We may think we know it all as Facebook media experts but there is more to what we know. For instance, before now many of us didn’t know that apart from profile names and contents, you can search for someone through his/her mobile for Someone on Facebook by Phone Number

This, however, is a rare feature and not common among Facebook users. Hope you have learned what’s new? Because in this context, we are going to see how to make it work.

Furthermore, have you asked yourself the reason for adding all those personal details to your profile content? It’s not necessary to fill up space but for reasons like this. For instance, I lost touch with a skin-tight friend shortly after school. I have been able to locate her old Facebook account through rigorous searches. But do you know what? I wish I still had her contact; I could have hooked up with her again through Facebook, Simply by using her phone number. Have you seen why phone numbers could be important for a search on Facebook?

Problems with Searching for someone On Facebook by Phone Number

Now the general problem facing Facebook users is that most users hide their phone numbers from viewers’ access. This is an actual sense maybe for security reasons. Also, before the platform adjustment, most people trap/ lock others on Facebook using their Ads.

This in any way never gave such victims the options for opting out. Consequently, the above issues have left the platform management with a new restriction idea. Hence, each user has the right to choose who may or may not see their contacts online. To me, I believe it’s a perfect idea due to the subject of abuse and misuse.  Similarly, users can now choose from the options:

  • Friends,
  • Friends of friends,
  • And everyone else who may view their contacts or not.

Else, you may have the whole public view your contact address. Now let’s see how we can search for a friend on Facebook via phone number.

How to search for someone on Facebook through phone number.

The process is not too complex as it appears above. I know many might have given up due to the restrictions highlighted above.  Howbeit we must surely have a way out. Now let’s get started with the processes below.

  • Login to your Facebook account if any or create one if you don’t have one.
  • Locate Facebook’s search bar at page top,
  • Enter the required phone number on the address bar and search.
  • Your result may be successful or not. However, we can give it a 70% success guarantee.

In the same vein, if such a person has placed a restriction mode on who can see them via the phone number, you might be at a loss if you are not among the preferred group or persons.