Living Spaces Credit Card Login – Make Easy Payment Online

Living Spaces Care Credit Card is a furniture financing service that presents users with the option of choosing a furniture financial offer.

Here are the financial offers made by the bank:

18 Months

A Living Space cardholder who makes purchases of $2000 and above can get an interest-free payment. However, this is possible when the payments are made in full within 18 months.Living Spaces Credit Card

12 Months

There will be no interest if payment is made in full within 12 months. A cardholder who makes a $1000 payment and more gets a noninterest payment. This is possible when payments are completed within 12 months. However, the bank will charge interest from your account if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within 12 months. Though, minimum credit payment is required.

6 Months

No interest payment if payment is updated within 6 months. Every Living Space cardholder who makes a purchase of $150 and more can enjoy an interest-free payment. This is only possible if payments are completely made within 6 months.

Furthermore, with the payment gauge, purchasing furniture becomes easier. This is mainly due to the fact that users can select a payment time frame for themselves.

Again, complete payment within chosen duration attracts 0 interest. Thence, incomplete payment attracts interest from the day of purchase to the current date.

The Living Space credit card is one of the cards offered by Synchrony Bank. Hence, you can use your Living Space credit card for an in-store/ online purchase. Purchase any furniture of choice and pay with ease.

How to Apply for the Living Spaces Credit Card

  • First, visit the Living Space home page to apply for a furniture financing credit card.
  • Next, the signup form appears. You are expected to enter all vital details as will be demanded.
  • Before that, Living Space reveals the company’s terms and conditions. If terms are acceptable to you, agree to continue the process.
  • However, not accepting terms may hinder further procedures.
  • Furthermore, you are to indicate if you are to add a joint application. A box will be shown to you, click to “Continue”.

How to Activate the Credit Card

When you receive your card via mail, you are to call the number or check the sticker attached to get the card number. This will help you verify your info and activates your account.

Living Space Credit Card Login

To login to your Living Space account,

  • Provide your user ID and Password.
  • Click on the “Login button”.

Making Payment Online with the Credit Card

You can make a payment with Living Space Furniture online. The process is smart and easy. Follow the guide aid as will be listed below:

  • Visit Synchrony Bank’s homepage to make an online payment with a credit card. Call Synchrony at 866-396-8254.
  • A second option is an auto payment mode. With auto payment mode, your payment will be paid electronically from your bank account. Furthermore, your automatic payment will be made based on the amount you select. You can recharge through the statement balance, total minimum payment due, or a self-selected (other) amount.

Living Space Credit Card Customer Service Number

Call: 1-866-419-4096 to gain access to a customer care service.