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Your photos can be magical with magical memories attached. Do you love tourism as a fad? Of course, you will need a magical memory worth coming back for. All you need is to link to for some magical moments. You can view all photos taken from your tourist locations with your smartphone. Sail the “View my Memories” on the site to enjoy a thrilling moment.My Magic Photos

However, this may require creating an account with magic photos but you may have other options for viewing your photos. You can access your magical photos without creating an account if you have the photo code you want to view.

My Magic Photos Login – Account Signup

Creating a Magic Photo account can really be easy. All that is needed is a few personal details and security codes.

  1. Visit the site URL at,
  2. SignUp to access the official page,
  • Enter name (First name and last name),
  1. Insert email address and a password,
  2. Skim through terms and conditions are given,
  3. “Continue” for further procedures.

View my Magic Photos – MagicMemories no Account

Access – How to View Photos without an Account

In the absence of an account, you can view your magical photos just with the photo code. Read more.

  • Enter at the Uniform Resource Location,
  • Enter photo code(s). This will be given at the Tourist center where you took some magical photos.
  • Click the “View my Memories” Tab to get your magical display.

Your photo code can be given to anyone who wants a sample of a magical photo looks (After they are saved in the portal).

How to Upload Photos from Camera to My Magic Account – To Upload Image Using the Scan QR Code.

You can upload a magical photo using the QR code and a PC. A USB will not be a bad idea and a sharp camera. With these, you can skate with the guidelines below:

  • Visit the official page at the site,
  • Click on the “Scan QR Code” feature/ link,
  • The site will pop a request “ wants to use your camera”,
  • “Allow” to continue.
  • Using a USB cord, connect the camera to the computer,
  • Scroll to the desired pictures,
  • Tap on choice magical photos to select them.
  • Press the “Upload button”.

How to Reset your Password – Forgot Password – My Magic Photo Password Recovery.

You will need a “Reset Email Instructions” to your account if you forgot your password.

  • Go to,
  • “Sign-in” to access official page,
  • Click the “Forgotten Password” space to indicate,
  • Enter email address;
  • Tap the “Sent Password Reset Email” Option.
  • A Reset Instruction Email will be sent to you. Follow guidelines.


Is Media not Available?

The Magical Photo codes are made up of “Digits & Letters”. At times there may be a mix-up of letters to words and vice versa. This happens more when users take 0 for ‘o’ or ‘I’ for 1.Therefore, we urge users to be careful in deciphering their codes.

Furthermore, our delivery may meet some delay, probably due to location accesses for users. So, we beg your compliance in putting up with us.

Still, need Assistance?

Magic Photos has a strong support Team in handling customers’ complaints. We thereby ask you to speak with an agent for further assistance.

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