PayPal Login – How to Login to My PayPal Account

Today, PayPal as one of the online payment services offers a way to send and receive funds through online platforms. Thus, PayPal trends with a mobile site and blends its services with online stores and smartphone Apps. Moreover, with a website designed to make an outlet which houses your account details.PayPal login

PayPal Website

Guess what? The PayPal website is the Primary Visa to accessing your account. Perhaps, log in through a web browser or click “Proceed to Account Overview” on an ‘Ad’ page to access your PayPal account. That said, logging in enables you an oversight of your PayPal account. In the meantime, do you need help from fellow PayPal users? Then, the site hosts a Message Board for that. Now, you can send and request money from PayPal.

Do you need to change PayPal’s account?

With all said, the site should be your target spot for help. This can offer more useful details as related than every other PayPal venue.

PayPal Mobile Site

Moreover, PayPal is glad to bring the PC full site features to your mobile device. This is because not all can fit into your mobile screen. In other words, your mobile site has all account options and setting changes. You can check a site from a computer when it can’t be found on your mobile phone. Also, you can as well reach the Community Message Board, which uses the same layout as a computer.

By the same token, visit the PayPal Mobile site at PayPal’s usual address using your web browser. Then, the page will direct you to the appropriate version of your device.

PayPal App

As can be seen, the PayPal App on smartphones, Androids, iOS may be convenient. Though it has a less full version of the mobile site, you can still enjoy it a great deal. That is to say, with the new Android App, one may not alter the settings but can make all choice transactions.

Therefore, PayPal App brings a smart way of logging in without your email &password but a phone number and an access pin.

Thus, If you are a merchant, PayPal has an App for you- “PayPal Here”. Hence, this works alongside a credit card attached to an Android or iOS phone. To get started, activate your phone on /PayPal’s Desktop website.

Log in Through other Sites

Furthermore, when you want to log in, you may not log in to PayPal’s site directly. Moreover, there are many online stores that accept PayPal payments like eBay. Just put a PayPal login page as part of the check-out process. After your login, pick a payment source and a shipping address, then your browser returns to the check-out page store.

You can follow up on payment by logging into the PayPal website directly. Be careful of malicious sites that may want you to give up your PayPal info. Also, ensure you have Your PayPal URL with HTTPS:// in your bar address. This helps PayPal guarantee better security.

PayPal Mobile Cash: Send and request money Fast.

In detail, there is a new Mobile App with PayPal which is secure and sharp. That is to say, there is no less with receiving money, transferring money around the world with currency values.

New – A Touch-Free Way to Pay or be Paid

  • Are you bidding? Simply scan the QR code to pay with your PayPal securely.
  • Are you selling as well? Then get your instant payment right at the spot, when you scan the QR code via your mobile phone.

Send and Request Money Free

  • With PayPal, it’s free and secure to send money to friends and family in the US. Thus, it’s also safe to request a transfer.
  • perhaps, all you need is an account with PayPal with simple requisites. PayPal only demands your name, Email Contact, and cash pick-up service point / mobile top-up details.
  • There is a new upgrade with PayPal services. Just enter your name, email, and contact, and then PayPal connects you to the right source of the person(s).
  • Do you know what? you can get paid instantly with PayPal when you request money from a friend/ family.
  • Get instant Spending notifications
  • Get on top of your instant pay and spend with PayPal,
  • In fact, you can check out your PayPal latest balances and account events.

Access your Balance Instantly with the PayPal Cash Card

  1. Shop in-store worldwide with your PayPal instant pay MasterCardsR and withdraw from ATMs.
  2. PayPal cash Plus requires you to get your PayPal card.
  3. Transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank and vice versa, using PayPal Transfers.

Trust PayPal Secure Transactions

However, you can be rest assured PayPal got all your account details well protected. With its fraud detection and adequate monitor system, PayPal is set to be trusted for your security.PayPal


Wish to get a PayPal Cash plus? It’s quite limited in some states but can be obtained in the US. Trading with PayPal in CryptoCurrency may give users some losses. Therefore, PayPal has no recommendation for such, as it is risk ensured. Thereby interested users are advised to seek better guidelines from their financial instructors.

Pay In 4 with PayPal

In the same vein, you can buy now and pay later by dividing your items into 4 portions. How? Just link to PayPal at your checkpoint. Select “Pay later”, Select “Pay in 4”. This is a PayPal payment mode to ensure ease to users. With this, you make the 1st payment that day, with 3 portions remaining. Whichever way, you can pay each every 2 weeks with PayPal App or

Thus, California loans to residents are subjected to California lender laws. Moreover, PayPal Inc. is a Georgia Installment Lender Licensee, NMLS #910457.

Learn more about PayPal on this page.


PayPal: How to Review Your Recent Logins – PayPal login

Moreover, have you heard of a huge online provider like PayPal? It’s an account that helps you deal with your money and helps you keep top security. In other words, PayPal works with individuals’ interest in keeping their accounts. Perhaps, this is when users create a strong, long and special password to tighten account security.

Also, PayPal brings to you a Two-Factor Authentication aka 2FA which ensures your PayPal email account has a securing password and reviews your login activity always.

However, you can monitor all login activities in your PayPal account, and detect a malicious event; in as much as PayPal provides all needed information to your account. Moreover, to review your PayPal account history, open up a PayPal setting.

  • Click the Cogwheel icon at the top-right edge of your device.
  • Switch to PayPal’s Security tab and click “Manage your Logins”. This reviews your login activities.
  • The PayPal login activities show series of details like the date and time of all logins.

In another development, if the user detects any malicious penetrate, then device this means:

Tap the “Remove” link. In detail, this disables the section. Then, you can quickly alter your PayPal password. Note that passwords are not to be of simple or short digits, for users’ interest.

Also, know that the browser may be error-based. For instance, window 10 may be detected as W8. This may be confusing, so follow the user’s guide instructions.