Ross Credit Card – Ross Credit Card Login

Ross Credit Cards: Do you know about Ross Credit Cards? Ross Credit Card is an easy-to-use business card that provides users an enabling platform to manage their accounts. The Citi Bank issued card has a 0% interest rate on loans if they are paid back within the agreed time limit of 6 months. Furthermore, Ross provides a billing platform, cash deposits, card activation, and lots more to users with Ross online accounts.Ross Credit Card

Ross’s credit card is less available now and so cannot be applied for. More so, Ross offers no financial opportunity at the moment for users.

However, Ross offers users Gift Cards for their online purchases. Therefore, giving customers a chance to have their Gift cards customized for an additional fee.

Again, users can enjoy special benefits if they made their purchases at any Ross-Simon jewelry stores with their Ross Credit Cards. Furthermore, the credit card has an easy payment system with free shipment of commodities worth more than $250. This, however, is backed with a 30 days guarantee.

Similarly, applying for a Ross credit card can be easy. With an APR rate of 29.24%, the Ross Credit Card has special discounts for products purchased at any Ross-Simon jewelry store.

Features of Ross Credit Card

  • The Ross credit cards are issued by Citi Bank.
  • Also, the card can be issued at Ross- Simon jewelry stores.
  • Furthermore, it has a low credit card requirement,
  • Again, it has no introductory APR rate.
  • Therefore, it has a normal APR rate of 24%
  • Hence, no applicable cash advance fee and cash advance APR rate,
  • And finally, no annual fees are attached.

Benefits of Ross Credit Card

  1. Ross Credit Cards users may not need a payment deposit before making a store purchase.
  2. More so, users’ loan attracts a 0% interest given that they pay up loans within the duration of 6 months.
  3. Again, Ross Credit Cards has a way of limiting late payments.
  4. Moreover, a $2 interest is charged for a minimum interest.

Contact Information

Contact Ross Customer Care Service number at 800-272-0800.

Moreover, you can mail your payments or inquiries: Ross-Simons P.O Box 105658 Atlanta, GA 30348-5658.

Ross Credit Card Login Procedures

Ross provides you with various ways of making your card payment. You can make payments through the auto-pay system or online system.

Online Method

Follow the processes to log in online:

  • Log in to the homepage when you visit Ross website,
  • Login to your Ross account,
  • Next, review the options presented. Click on the “Payment” option.
  • Furthermore, enter the amount to be paid and indicate the bank account you wish to make your payment from.

Autopay Method

Furthermore, one can activate an auto payment mode. This saves you the stress of keeping up with due date renewal. Thence, Ross automatically withdraws your balances.

Ross Credit Card Activation Procedures

To utilize Ross Credit Cards, you must first ensure activation. How? This can be better done when you contact a Ross agency. Request help and guidelines at 800-272-0800 and get your card activated instantly.

Eligibility Requirements

Ross Credit Cards has set some requirements for all users. This moreover, defines users’ eligibility status. Therefore, it is expedient you check them out on this page. Keep reading to know more.

  • First, you must be a resident of the US,
  • More so, you must possess a valid Tax Identification Number, such as the SSN.
  • Users must have good credit scores/history,
  • Furthermore, users must have attained the age of 18 and above.
  • Again, intending users must have a valid government-issued ID card.

Hope the eligibility status as above is not so much? Fine! If you have these criteria, then you are good to go.

Ross Credit Card Application Procedures

  • Visit the Ross-Simon Credit Cards on the web page
  • Click on the “Apply Online” option,
  • Review Ross’ Company terms and conditions. Agree with them if you are okay with it. Else you may not continue your application processes.
  • Furthermore, a form will be revealed on the screen. The need to input personal details like full name, email address, city, home address, contact, and so on is very high.
  • Ensure to enter the above as you enter your financial details as well. Details like annual income, house rent, resident status, and e.t.c will be demanded. Ensure to supply them where needed.
  • Again provide date of birth, SSN, and your ID number.
  • Click on “Continue” for further procedures.

Application Status Checking

To know your eligibility status, call a Ross Customer agent to help out. Ensure to provide your reference number when you speak with an agent on 800-272-0800.

Cancellation Of Credit Card

To cancel a Ross credit card application, or cancel a Ross account, contact Ross at 800-272-0800 and follow the IVR.