Rotary Peace Fellowship 2022-2023 Applications – Fully-Funded

Have you ever dreamt of studying in the USA?

Do you wish to get a sponsored award or grant to study in the USA?

Do you know you can get a sponsored award or grant to study in the USA?

How can you make this come true?Rotary Peace Fellowship

It is simple; you can make your dreams come true with the Rotary Peace Fellowship 2022-2023 appeals.

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Hence, on this page, we are going to walk you through the simple ways how to get a free sponsor or grant to study in the USA with ease.

But, you have to make sure you read through this write-up to get these tips.

However, we are glad to inform you that Rotary Foundation is now taking Rotary Peace Fellowship appeals for the 2023-24 academic year.

Hence, entrants have until 15 May to submit appeals to The Rotary Foundation.

However, guess what? That’s not all

On the other hand, the Rotary endorsers must submit a seal of approval to The Rotary Foundation by 1 July.

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However, the Rotary Peace Fellowships is a fully-funded USA award for all foreign students who wish to study in the USA.

On the other hand, Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2022-2023 provides over 130 fully-funded fellowships to the great leaders of their colony from all over the globe.

That’s not all

In the same vein, the Rotary Foundation offers 50 fellowships for master’s degree programs and 80 fellowships for pro maturing certificate programs.

2022- 2023 Rotary Peace Fellowship

However, to take part, you must follow these steps:

  • Review the fitness limits.
  • Research the program of study and programs at each of the Rotary Peace Centers.

In the same vein, visit this link to access the Rotary peace Centers

On the other hand, you will be asked to rank two centers you prefer for the Master’s program and up to two centers for the certificate program.

However, that is if you meet the fitness standard for both programs.

  • Engage with Rotary.

Use the Club Finder to locate the Rotary club nearest you.

Linking with a club is a great way to learn about Rotary’s work in your colony and around the world.

A club tip is up to the person but is strongly commended as part of your appeal.

  • On the other hand, submit your peace fellowship appeal by 15 May.

Appeals need a resume, academic and/or pro reference, essays, transcripts, social impact plan (certificate only), and test scores (master’s only).

  • All materials must be in English.
  • On the other hand, make sure you get endorsed.

In early June, if your appeal meets what it takes and fitness standard, it will be auto-assigned to a trained Rotary endorser who is either a member of,

a District Rotary Peace, Fellowship Subcommittee, a member of a Rotary club, or a Rotary Peace Fellow program alumnus.

However, your assigned endorser will reach out to you to plan an interview during the month of June.

After your interview, the Rotary endorser will submit a seal of approval decision for your application by 1 July.

  • After that, make sure you wait for the selection results.

On the other hand, an email alert will be sent in November.

Hence, if you are chosen for a fellowship, you will be told at which Peace Center you will study.

  • However, make sure you apply for admission (master’s only) to the university where your Peace Center is located.

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Hence, keep in mind that being selected for the fellowship does not mean you have been admitted to the university.

Rotary Peace Fellowship 2023 Centers

  • Rotary Peace Centers offering the Master’s Program is located at:
  • University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  • University of Bradford, Bradford, England
  • International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Duke University and the University of North Carolina, Durham and Chapel Hill, USA

Benefits of Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2022-2023

  • Tuition fees will be covered.
  • Room and board
  • Round-trip transportation
  • That’s not all, on the other hand, all internship expenses will be provided.
  • In the same vein, all field-study expenses will be covered.
  • Lastly, your health insurance will be covered

Peace Fellowship Selection process

Do you want to know how the selections are made?

Make sure you stay glued to this article as we show you how selections are being made

Guess what?

Hence, between July and October, the Rotary Peace Centers Committee is composed of Rotarians and the university council.

In the same vein, screens appeals and select the finalists based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment to peace and up-growth
  • Leadership potential
  • Empathy with fellowship objectives and fit with Rotary
  • Use and impact of Social Change drive (Certificate only).

Peace Fellowships 2023 Eligibility restrictions

Rotary Peace Fellowships may not be used for doctoral study.

However, these people are not eligible for the fellowship:

Active Rotary members

Employees of a Rotary club or district, Rotary global, or other Rotary body such as;

  • Spouses
  • Family lineage
  • In other words, they are referred to as children or grandchildren by blood or legal adoption,
  • Spouses of the family linage

Or ancestors (parents or grandparents by blood) of any living person in these orders

Former Rotary members and their relatives as described above

However, this must be within 36 months of their resignation.

How to Apply for Rotary Peace Fellowships 2023-2023?

A candidate must first review the red flags to apply.

That’s not all

After that, a candidate must skim the program and Rotary Peace centers.

Also, that’s not all

A candidate will get the choice to choose two centers for the master’s degree program and one for the certificate program.

That’s not all

All candidates must submit the application before 15th May 2022.

A Rotary Fellowship application requires these materials in English;

  • A resume
  • An academic or professional commendation
  • Essays, transcripts
  • A social impact plan (certificate only)
  • Test scores (master’s only).

However, an applicant’s appeal must be sealed by the nearest Rotary district.

Guess what? That’s not all

On the other hand, results will be announced in November 2022.

Till that time, apply for entrée to the college in which you wanted to avail Rotary Peace Fellowship.

Peace Fellowship Appeal Time Limit:

Hence, the appeal time limit is 2022-23 is 15th May 2021.

Guess what?

However, candidates who are willing for the appeals must have at least three years.

Hence, this is between the finishing of their most recent academic degree program (undergraduate or graduate degree) and their planned start date for the fellowship.

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On the other hand, Rotary Peace Fellows who have finished the certificate program, Master’s program, or a Global Grant bursary, must wait three years.

However, this is between the end date of that program and their planned start date for the fellowship.