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Looking for how to apply for the role of a social worker at we just made your journey easy. Keep reading to find out what it means to be a social worker, the jobs available and how to apply for them.

There are lots of opportunities for social workers in the USA and it is not limited to the permanent resident of the United States. Even foreigners are eligible for the offer.Social Worker Job

Social Worker Jobs USA

Social worker?

To start with, Social workers are trained professionals that aim at improving people’s lives. They help in promoting human rights and well-being. In other words, the social worker is someone who works to help families, individuals, or a community to live better and provide solutions to enhance their lives.

This role is in high demand in the United State and it is very sensitive. This is because it ranges from working with people that have been molested, prison inmates, less privileged, etc. Hence, if this is what you love doing or maybe you are a social worker and you need a job. We have some options you will like to consider.

So how do I get started?  You don’t have to be a citizen of the USA to get a social job. However, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or any field related to it. Check out below the requirements for Social Worker jobs in the USA.

Requirements for Social Worker Jobs USA

To apply for a social worker job in the USA, there is some requirement you need to have. This is normal as every job has a requirement right? These requirements include:

  • You must have as your least qualification a Bachelor’s degree that is approved by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and other educational qualification that is similar to US educational certificate.
  • Also, you need a Social Worker License or a Liminal Social Worker License. You also need the state authority license to work independently.
  • You must be able to communicate well in English
  • You must have good listening, writing, and reading skills
  • Above are the basic requirements, the employer may have additional qualification

You can take a step to get a career in social work with   Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research MasterTrack® Certificate from the University of Michigan (the top-rated school of social work in the United States). You can start with a course and get a university-issued certificate in less than one year. This coursework will count toward your degree if you decide to enroll in the University of Michigan Master of Social Work program.

How to Get a Social Worker Job in the US as Foreigner?

The process of getting a social worker job in the USA is not a simple process. This is due to the fact that only permanent residents are given federal jobs. However, non-residents still get a job. Also, you get to work in a company or non-profit organization as a social worker.

Guidelines on How to Apply for a Social Worker Job in the United States of America as a Foreigner

Though the process of getting a Social Worker job in the USA is not that simple for a foreigner. But don’t be scared, we have steps that can guide you. If you want to work as a social worker, follow the steps below to get started:

  • Open a web browser with your mobile device or any gadget that has an internet connection
  • Then, search for “social work jobs in the USA for foreigners”
  • Click on “more jobs”
  • You will see a list of jobs that you can apply for. Scroll through it and click on the one you want to apply for
  • Then, you will see the qualifications, description, and benefits for the job on the right side of the page
  • Go through these benefits, qualifications, and description
  • Once you are done, then click on the “Apply” button on the left side of the page
  • Sign in with your Google Mail account and follow the instructions on the website

 How to Apply for Social Workers Jobs Near Me

if you locate any social worker job near you, you can apply for it online. Follow the steps below to apply

  • Go to
  • Search for “Social Worker”
  • You will be asked to give the details: country, state, city, and zip code under the space provided. Then, tap ‘search’
  • You can make use of the sections on the screen to make your search more specific. By so doing you will be able to know the type of job you are applying for, whether may it’s a federal government or non-profit organization
  • Go through the list of the jobs available on the page and select the one you prefer
  • Make sure you’ve gone through the qualifications, description, and duties. Once you are done, click on “Apply Now” on the left-hand side of the page
  • Then, use your account email address and password to log in on the login Bar. If you don’t have a account, click on “create an account” to get it
  • Once you have logged in, fill out the application form and upload the necessary documents

Besides, you can use your account to log in to your profile and add applications for more jobs. Also, you get to see your application status and share job opportunities with others on social media.

Demand for Social Workers in the United States

The demand for Social workers is high and sensitive. This is because they deal with people’s lives. Social Workers are needed in various places and organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, non-profit organizations, rehabilitation, etc.

About is a platform that connects job seekers with federal opportunities. It is owned by United States Government. It has several lists of jobs that you can apply for hence, you can apply for other jobs and not just social worker jobs.

Who does Social Worker work with?

Social workers work with different people, and on behalf of several persons, these include:

  • Students
  • Medical patients and Individuals with disabilities.
  • Children and adolescents
  • Couples and families
  • Individuals suffering from addiction, violence, or trauma
  • Veterans
  • Aging individuals
  • Refugees and immigrants etc.

Types of Social Workers

There are many lists of Social Worker jobs, some of which are mentioned below:

Health Care Social Workers

This Social Worker takes care of people in the hospital, helping them to manage their illness, and providing information to make it easy for them to understand their diagnosis. They help patients transit from the hospital back to their homes and also help them have a better lifestyle. Health Care Social workers are paid an average salary of $52,071.

School Social Workers

School Social workers help both the parents and students, including the teachers with what they need for the students learning. They give the teachers the right knowledge or the method to use to educate the students for better performance. Also, they provide counseling to both students and parents. School Social Worker receives an average salary of $48,291.

Community Social Workers

Community Social Worker helps the community or a group of people identify the unmet need in the community. They help to organize the community, conduct assessments, and make referrals. The average salary for a community social worker is $43,895.

Child and Family Social Workers

This Social Worker deals with children and their parents or guardian. They help to provide solutions to any challenges or problems the families are facing. They work with families experiencing illness and give resources to parents who need support in taking care of their children. Also, they provide help for children undergoing stress or having difficulty living a normal life. Child and family social workers receive an average salary of $40,531.

Clinical Social Workers

Licensed Clinical Social Workers gives therapy to individual or families who are undergoing crisis or trauma. They can clinically analyze, assess and diagnose mental illness.   The average salary for a clinical social worker is $68,216.

Social Worker Skills

There are some skills and knowledge a Social Worker ought to have that will be very useful for them in the field. This will empower them to be effective in what they do. If you are interested in taking the job of a Social Worker, some of the skills you can build yourself up include:

  • Communication skills: This is very important. You need strong communication skills to form a good relationship with the people you are working with. You need to be clear and transparent with your clients. Also, you must be able to listen and set boundaries.
  • Empathy: This skill helps you understand how your client is feeling and better understand the situation.
  • Patience: As a Social Worker, you must be very patient because you will be dealing with different clients from different backgrounds.
  • Organizational and time management skills: This skill is highly important in managing difficult cases and multiple clients.
  • Problem-Solving: A Social Worker must be able to solve problems. You must be able to provide the best solution for the situation.

Other skills you can acquire include:

  • Interviewing and counseling techniques
  • Global assessment of functioning
  • Core frameworks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the works of a social worker?

A social worker assists people within a wide range of settings, from mental health clinics to schools and hospitals. Social workers can work with individuals or within large communities or organizations and assist with a variety of ailments from addiction treatment to chronic illness and child support services.

  • Why are social workers important?

The impact of a social worker goes beyond just helping people in need. From promoting core values of compassion and service to others to framing research within the field, to informing policy, social workers actively address and stand up for human rights and social injustices. They strengthen individual people and communities and try to give voice to the unheard.

Ø  How much does a social worker make?

The salary of a social worker can range depending on the field, tenure, and education achieved. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay for a social worker in 2020 was $51,760, with the highest 10% of social workers making more than $85,820.

Ø  Who do social workers work with?

A social worker assists people within a wide range of settings, from mental health clinics to schools and hospitals. Social workers can work with individuals or within large communities or organizations and assist with a variety of ailments from addiction treatment to chronic illness and child support services.

  • What qualifications do I need to be a social worker?

Social workers must have a degree in social work (BA), or master’s degree in social work. A master’s degree is a two-year-long postgraduate course for those with a degree in a different subject. Some universities offer part-time studying. Experience is an important part of social work qualifications.

  • Can you become a social worker without a degree?

You cannot become a social worker without an approved qualification – a BA degree or postgraduate masters in social work. However, you may be able to find a job as a social work assistant without a degree.

  • Which job is best for social work?

The 10 Best Careers in Social Work

  • Marriage and Family Counselor.
  • Medical Social Worker.
  • School Social Worker.
  • Foster Care Social Worker.
  • Child and Family Therapist.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Policy Analyst.
  • Human Resources Coordinator/Specialist.
  • What Job Do USA Federal Government Jobs Offer to Social Workers?

Those who want to advance in their career can apply for social work offered by the government. E.g. Veteran services, although this job opportunity is mainly for US citizens, non-citizens can still be employed if there are no qualified citizens for the job.

  • Where are Social Workers Needed in the United States?

The following states are where social workers are most needed and highly paid;

  1. Rhode Island.
  2. Hawaii.

iii. Nevada.

  1. New Jersey.
  2. Maryland.

vi Connecticut.

vii. New York.

viii. California.

  • How much do they pay Social Workers Earn in the USA?

Social workers in the United States receive nice paychecks. Their earnings vary from $50k to $70k annually based on location. Whereas, those in the medical fields (substance abuse social worker, mental health, and healthcare social worker) are said to be the highest paid social workers.