TigerDirect Business at TigerDirect.com

Tigerdirect.com is your best hub for business. TigerDirect is an online business which is based in California. It deals with Computer retail services. This implies that you can get all computer components and electronic products with TigerDirect. Furthermore, TigerDirect is a body of companies, aimed at serving corporate and small-scale businesses. Formerly, it operated with the household name of Systemax. With time it merged with the ‘Chain Circuit City’ and ‘CompUSA’.


Later on, these became a body with the name TigerDirect. Furthermore, the company wishes to boost customers’ businesses. This is done with Credit Support for both small and large-scale businesses. However, the grant credit is available for 6 months only.

In the same vein, TigerDirect gives users a Credit Card facility for their businesses. Here is how to access it.

Processes to be followed

  • Go to the official page using the URL at TigerDirect.com Ensure to have an enabling web.
  • On the home page, review the “Business Card” icon and tap to proceed.
  • A new window will open. This entails some silent features of the business. Please you are advised to read them carefully.
  • On the next page, fill in all vital details. Enter your full name, Company Address, Email/contact Address, Zip code, and brief info about your company.
  • A box “I am not a Robot” will be shown below. Click on it and submit.

Important note: Are you interested in applying for a business card? Then ensure to read all terms and policies before filling up an application form. This will help your decision on the context.

FAQ About TigerDirect.com

Is TigerDirect still in business?

TigerDirect announces the shutdown of all its stores but three. It also announces the closedown of its distribution centers. This is a real effort to focus on its online/ business-business sales.

Does TigerDirect have a Credit Card?

You are welcome to manage your TigerDirect Credit Card Account here. More so, you are to pay an existing bill on your card as to the card terms. Moreover, your card will no longer be valid, starting from the 6th of May 2015.

Who bought TigerDirect?

TigerDirect is sold to PCM, which is a direct marketing company. At what rate? For millions of cash. The PCM, formerly known as ‘PC Mall’ has agreed to buy TigerDirect brands as well as? All other business assets from parent companies for millions of cash.

Does TigerDirect have stores?

The electronics retail dealer, TigerDirect is closing all but 3 stores out of its 34. However, this is to continue their online trades and businesses. Furthermore, the Miami-based company will close its brick-and-mortar locations and continue its online services.

Is CompUSA still in business?

The CompUSA plans to run its 103 stores on a store-closing sale during the holidays. Also, the Consumer Electronic Retailer, CompUSA, declares Friday its last day of sales. This is because of the company’s intention to be sold to Gordon Brothers Group LLC. The CompUSA financial term with the re-structuring firm was not revealed.

Is TigerDirect Legit?

TigerDirect.com is very well legitimate. They ensure you get a manufacturer’s warranty on every product. So in this case, you may not be dealing directly with them.

What is Tiger Direct Business?

TigerDirect is an El Segundo, California-based online retail dealer of Electronics. It deals with computer and computer components that cater to business and corporate customers. Acquired Systemax’s online, North American Technology Retail Businesses.

Does Tiger Direct Price Match?

Policy: at the point of sale, TigerDirect will match any competitor’s price on identical items (Matching Manufacturer).