Top 3 Most Important Dog Dental Care Tips

Here are the top 3 most important dog dental care tips you must consider if you want to keep your dog away from tartar and gingivitis, which are the two most common problems seen in dogs by veterinarians. Now note that poor dental hygiene can cause gum disease, loss of teeth, and if it goes untreated, it may result in more serious conditions like bacterial infections of the heart, liver, or kidneys.

At the age of three most dogs and cats show signs of oral and dental disease. Gingivitis and tartar can actually advance to periodontal disease or form abscesses. Understand that these infections can spread to your dog’s heart valves, liver, and kidneys, now it’s that serious.

Top 3 Most Important Dog Dental Care Tips

Now here are the top three most important dog dental care tips that you should take very serious:

Proper Diet &  Chews

Foods taken in by pet has a way of affecting their smile. Here I would want to advise that you try as much as you can to do away with ‘People food’ as this overtime may be bad for your canines and your dog’s overall oral health. The best thing to do would be to talk to your veterinarian about formulating a diet that will keep your dog’s teeth in top shape.

Giving your dog rawhide bones, for example, can scrape as well as tear internal organs and can easily become a choking hazard for your dog. They are most times doused with chemicals that can make your dog sick, and should not also be used for teeth cleaning purposes.

Cooked bones, on the other hand, can also splinter and cause internal damage. Thus, it is best to stick to bones that are recommended by your vet and replace them when they get small enough for your dog to swallow. Ensure you keep bones in the fridge when your dog is not chewing them to help prevent bacteria build-up and always make sure you supervise chewing also.

You can also use treats that are formulated to improve dental health. Just ask your vet for some recommendations which may suit your pup best.

To keep your dog’s teeth in good shape, you can use rope toys or other toys that your dog uses to play tug-of-war while giving them a good workout. Take note, to buy sturdy toys for your pooch, and put them away when you are done playing.

Visiting a Dog Dentist

You need a vet for your dog and it’s not something you can compromise on. This is very important because you need to talk to your vet about annual or semiannual teeth cleanings. These teeth cleanings by your dog’s vet are the only way of removing tartar build-up.

Schedule your pet’s cleaning and mark it up.

You can also consider non-anesthesia dental cleanings if your dog is sensitive to anesthesia or if you want to avoid the side effects. However, some vets suggest that this type of cleaning will not be as effective at providing the deep cleanse that your dog’s mouth needs. Thus, ensure you discuss with your vet to find what’s right for your dog.

For whatever cleaning you decide on, just make sure you engage the services of a professional. A professional cleaning will keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy.

Daily Brushing

Brushing your pet’s teeth is something you must create time to do because it helps removes plaque and slows the development of tartar. If you are just starting out at the brushing exercise, make it a gradual and pleasant experience. You can start with a finger brush and gently touch your dog’s teeth.

Once your dog(s)  starts getting a little more comfortable with you touching their mouth, you can move your finger in soft circular motions over the front of their teeth and gums. Thereafter you can add pet toothpaste when they relax (please avoid using human toothpaste).

Subsequently, as your dog gets more relaxed, you can start using a doggy toothbrush as your veterinarian recommends. Note, that some dog breeds, especially smaller or toy breeds, will require more brushing than others. Thus making it a daily activity, will help your dog stay calm through the process and keep them in good oral health.

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