What does SMH Mean in Facebook?

The question all this while has been What does SMH mean? You could have heard lots of people using the initialism SMH without knowing what they mean. Many times, it sounds strange and new to so many people that they make statements like; that’s new? What did you just call it? What does it mean? These and much more comments alike.What does SMH mean

However, the “I shake my Head” initials have had recurrent changes over time. According to Australia Sydney Papers, “SMH” has had many changes for 127 years, 1847 before the ARPANET existed.

The Origin of Chat Acronyms and Initialism

Just as shorthand has been a common and secret code of communication in the time past, it has changed with time. The modern form of short-handing is the initialism and acronyms. Modern working-class people have speed and time to battle with, and that’s why the recent mode is becoming effective. This aids the chatspeak (……Leetspeak, initialism, net jargons, abbrev. acronyms…..) to flow within the space of time. So, What does SMH mean?

Shake my Head

“I Shake My Head” (SMH) is commonly used when one is displeased with something. You can as well spell it out when you feel sorry for one’s bad conduct. It might have other meanings applied to it, but the above phrase is the commonest. According to Urban Dictionary, and Netlingo, the only meaning of (SMH) at the time of publication is “I Shake My Head”.

Alternative Meaning of SMH

You can trust the internet slang to change so much as the initials (SMH) have taken another meaning. The Urban sixth edition says it may mean “So Many Haters” or “So Much Hate”. However, this depends on the usage of context.

Chatspeak as a Function of Language

Chatspeak does with initialism and acronyms. In any case, this has to do with calling out the associated terms with emphasis.

An initialism is spelling out all the first letters of a phrase while the acronym calls those initials as one word. Although, a survey made in 2008 opens that Chatspeak may degrade the use of the English language. Nevertheless, it never affects children’s spelling abilities.

What does SMH stand for in a Text Message?

At times in the course of texting others, people are pressed for time. This is to say that one may find strings of unfamiliar abbreviations.

Text Messaging Abbreviations

Let’s take a look at ‘HSD’, this implies “Happy Sunday”. The world on the net web is going too fast for any form of primitivism. So, it’s common for people to see a lot of unknown acronyms as they are formed daily.


Your chat mate may want to explain an ordeal to you or may want to answer some puzzles, and so SMH is used to picture their state of attitude. How? SMH may mean “Scratching My Head”. Therefore, you know what you should be up to at such times.


“Shaking My Head” may mean irritation. But most times the person may not be referring to you directly. So don’t start having a mixed feeling until you are sure he/she wasn’t referring to another.

Disappointment and Irritation

SMH can also man “Smack My Head”. This is mostly when one feels frustrated over something.

Do you now know the various meanings of SMH? Use it in your chats to create fun.