What is about:blank and how do you remove it?

About:blank is normal in Google Chrome, as well as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. It reviews an empty page built into your browser.

The about:blank is preferred best by most users since there is nothing wrong with it. Many choose to use this as their homepage. Why? It ensures their browser always opens with an empty white screen.

What is “about:blank”?

The ‘about:blank’ is inbuilt into your web browser. It is an empty page in your bar address. Insert keywords to the search web and get related results instantly. For instance, ‘about:finance’, – GO. >>> This tends to bring out a list of financial institutes and related financial details.

Whenever you enter your about searches, your web browser will load your related search with an empty white page. The empty page is inbuilt to your web chromes and not from the internet. Whereas, are you looking for a way to get off it, then our post may be quite helpful for you.about:blank

Why is about:blank Useful?

  • It is best used as a homepage. This ensures users have an empty page each time they open up their browser.
  • If you must keep with the ‘About: blank’ setting, then make related searches in the space and not any other web page.
  • Your browser may display an ‘About: blank’ page if they don’t have what to display or results to launch.

Is it a Virus or Malware?

‘About: blank’ may not be harmful to your phone system. It is only installed there by the web chrome. However, if you suspect a Virus or Malware, we recommend an antimalware program of choice for you.

Malwarebytes can also do a good scanner to your device. The paid Premium version is free with an automatic scanning basis for devices. Malwarebytes supports both Windows PCs and Macs.about:blank

How can you get rid of about:blank?

The about:blank is installed naturally on your web, however, you can get rid of it if you wish.

  • Select your browser’s home page if you want a new web instead of the about:blank.
  • In your google chrome, go to your menu setting,
  • scroll on ‘start-up section’,
  • Select “open the new tab page” or “Delete the about:blank from the startup web page,
  • Choose a new web page of your choice.

Was this simple? We ask for your questions and comments.about:blank

How can you get rid?

Previously we talked about ways of getting rid of the “about: blank” in Google Chrome. Let’s see how it works with the following:

In Mozilla Firefox, click Menu< Options and < Home. Select choice homepage for new Windows and Tabs. Ensure the “about:blank” or the “Blank Page” is not selected, since you’re getting rid of it.

In Apple Safari on a Mac, select Safari < Preference and < General. Remove “about:blank” on the homepage and indicate choice homepage.about:blank

In Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge Browser, click menu << Setting << On Startup. Select “Open a New Tab” or remove the “about:blank” from the list of pages and edges when you launch it.

In Internet Explorer, you remove the “about:blank” from the Net Option Windows. The Internet Explorer may be outdated and out of use that the MS advice you go for a newer version. Yet this may still be useful for the sake of old business App and other Software Legacy.

Click the gear menu and select “Internet Options”. Next, remove “about:blank” from the homepage box at the top of the general pane. Enter desired web address at the homepage, since the “about:blank” is no more available.