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    ESS Compass Associate is a paystub portal for all employees. Hence, all employees assigned to Compass Associate can now access their paystub via an online portal. Moreover, this can be done after a sign-up with the Compass Associate website. Similarly, you can access your paystub using a public computer, mobile devices, and a home computer.ESS Compass Associate

    How to Access ESS Compass Associate

    However, to utilize the ESS paystub services, requires one gets simple sign-up access. You can get started with the processes below:

    • Visit www.esss.compassassociate.com login.
    • On the official page, click the “Registration” link to further your command.
    • Enter the following details:
    • Personal number,
    • Date of Birth,
    • Last 4 SSN numbers,
    • The first letter of the last name and
    • Click the “Next” button.
    • ESS will set up some security questions for you which include your username and password settings.
    • After all the demanding procedures, you can log in to your ESS Account.

    Forgot ESS Compass Associate Password 

    However, if you forgot your Compass Connect password as an employee, then it may not be an issue of concern. Thus, it’s natural that one may lose a password in memory due to many activities. Howbeit, we’ll give your guidelines for resetting them. Follow our procedures below to get started:

    • Login to your ESS account,
    • In the password link, click “Forgot password”.
    • However, resetting your password demands you know the security questions which were put up during your sign-up process. Therefore, recalling them as it will be asked will be helpful for a quick reset.
    • Your username will be your personal number. Thence, this helps for easy recall.
    • Furthermore, you can log in to compassassociate.com or compasssassociate.com once after your password setup.

    Account Details

    In the same vein, by having access to your Compass Associate account, you can really download a paystub at any time. More so, this only demands you to have a printer handy. However, the website is only accessible to all active Compass Connect users.

    Customers’ Service Info

    In other words, Contact an ESS Technology Service Centre at 1-888-195-7206 (Option 2). Howbeit, an ESS agent may demand you verify your identity. By the same token, this aids for security reasons, as ESS vows to protect all user’s accounts. Thence, providing your name and last 4 digits of SSN.

    Email: Email your Compass Connect inquiries at shared.payroll-corporate@compass-usa.com

    ESS Compass Group Info

    Moreover, Compass Connect Associate presents reliable self-service features for all employees. Therefore, the Compass Group is an online support system for all business purposes. This, however, boasts of a variety of businesses all with acceptable aegis.

    Moreover, with ESS, one can get a catering service, self and community facilities, and societal management/operations. More so, you can get the ESS Corporation in the oil/gas sector. In addition, enjoin ESS in the building, defense, and mining sector among others. Choose ESS Connect today.





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