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Do you have a Stock Plan management for your company? Then choose Morgan Stanley Stockplan Connect. The StockPlan Connect portal is most ideal for your company stock dreams. Moreover, it is the most suitable for all those who want to manage their company stock plan programs. You can hook up with an account online for proper stock management with StockPlan Connect. More so, the portal gives users an easy way of viewing stock plans account programs such as:Morgan Stanley Stockplan Connect

  1. Sell shares and exercise options,
  2. Certify your form W-9 or form W-8BEN,
  3. View/Accept or decline grant agreement and documents,
  4. Assets visualization. This includes positions, balances; transact histories and real-time quotes.

Morgan Stanley Stockplan Connect Login

Morgan Stanley presents to all first-time users an easy way to get started with the online platform.

  1. Visit wwww.stockplanconnect.com to gain official access.
  2. Click the “Login with temporary username and password” button. However, your temporary login codes/accesses should have been mailed to you ahead of.
  • Next, enter your temporary username and password, click the “Next” button below.

New to Morgan Stanley Stockplan Connect?

Login   with temporary username and password,

Request a new registration email.

Employee Stock Purchase Plans

  • Not registered on StockPlan Connect?
  • Enroll or adjust your contributions here.
  • Furthermore, you may miss the StockPlan Connect login processes. At this point, you will need an agent; a customer care expert. Contact for an assistance on 1 866 722 7310 or 1 801 617 7435.

In addition, do you have difficulties recalling your password? Click the “Forgot password” link under the login box. Again, StockPlan Connect will want to validate your identity, thereby testing you on few personal questions in regard to your account. Once your identity is certified, you will receive a “Reset” link for your password via email.

Download Forms

StockPlan Connect presents in its features lots of forms for users’ download. They are as below:

  • Substitute Form W-9,
  • Substitute Form W-8BEN,
  • W-8BEN Letter of Explanation,
  • Letter of Authorization to Transfer Assets. You can transfer by wire to a US Bank Financial Institution.
  • Letter of Authorization to transfer Assets by Wire. Transfer to a non-US Bank Financial Institute.
  • Request for the certificate.

In the same vein, to access the form page of StockPlan Connect, take the steps:

  • Visit the homepage of stockplanconnect.com.
  • In the top right corner, click the “Form” link.

StockPlan Connect App Features

Do you know about the StockPlan Connect mobile App? It really keeps you on the go, managing your account. The StockPlan App serves readily the same as the Stockplanconnect website. Check out the following functions with the StockPlan mobile App.

  • Offers users a curative view of your StockPlan portfolio.
  • Provides interactive data visualizations.
  • Sell your shares and exercise options. Check your award vesting schedules.
  • Enables a view of your stock plan account balance/activities.

Contact Customer Service

For Technical Support inquiries,

Call (1 866 722 7310) or(1 801617 7435).

North and South America:

Monday to Friday; (8 am to 8 pm) EST.


Monday- Friday (8 am to 4:30 pm) CET.

Call 1 801 617 7700.